by Passages Malibu

There are so many factors to consider when making decisions about alcohol addiction treatment. One of the most important things to consider is the type of treatment program to choose. There are various programs that can be utilized, and this can happen whether utilizing an inpatient or outpatient facility. There are psychological, physical and emotional benefits to inpatient alcohol rehabilitation. These benefits are greatly increased when addiction recovery is supervised by a team of professional counselors and doctors.


Psychological Benefits


A large portion of alcohol addiction is psychological. A person’s brain can become just as addicted to alcohol as their body. Many people use alcohol to help them cope with things that are happening in their life. Most often times these things are very stressful, but they can be both positive and negative stressors. It’s all relative to the individual person. Professionals in an inpatient alcohol rehab program will help the alcoholic identify and face their daily stressors that cause them to want to use. Whether you are rich or poor, educated or not, alcoholics that use due to psychological pressures will benefit from the escape of their everyday lives and learning new tools to help them cope better with their stressors.


Physical Benefits


Excessive alcohol intake is bad for human bodies regardless if they are an alcoholic or not. Alcohol has a negative effect on almost every part of a person’s body, not just the liver as most people think. It can cause irregular heartbeat, problems with kidney function and cause a weakened immune system. In addition, most alcoholics do not eat properly and are often lacking in proper nutrition. Many times they don’t eat at all and can become very frail, pale and will look very tired and worn out. Sometimes this is caused because they simply do not think to eat because they are too intoxicated or they cannot afford to eat because their money is going towards alcohol. Either way, it is important to help an addict get back on a proper eating schedule and maintain a nutrient rich diet.


Emotional Benefits

One of the most important things for a person’s emotional health is to have a stable network of supportive people. It’s what helps humans deal with emotional issues on a daily basis, and it is the lifeline when a person experiences emotional trauma such as a death in the family or an illness. Unfortunately most addicts have alienated the people in their life that love them most. Inpatient alcohol addiction treatment helps to give an alcoholic the tools necessary to help repair those relationships. Inpatient programs will often help facilitate face to face meetings with loved ones in order to help families move past addiction and become a cohesive unit again.