by Passages Malibu

No better place to save your life or that of your loved ones, other than Passages Malibu. The only rehab around town where they lift their patients up, not tear them down. This positivity helps them to let go of their addiction to drugs and alcohol in just 30 days stay at the Malibu mansion.

The mansion is as grand as your imagination. The lavish marble entryways and classiest furnishings, all set up high above in the lush green Malibu Hills. You step in and get to have the picturesque view of the Pacific Ocean. The state of the art gym and koi pond are other beauties to set your eyes on. The stay at Passages is simply an expensive vacation if put in words. The rehabilitation costs you four times more the amount you would be charged at other rehab centers. But it is worth it.

Passages Malibu, unlike the other rehabs follows an entirely different program with no strictness in its policies or daily life schedule. The addiction treatment is not centered at the common 12-step based program. The Prentiss’s, the owners, innovated their own healing philosophy in 2001 and started this initiative on the basis that the one way of addiction treatment does not work out for every individual.

Therefore, every resident’s case is individually taken care of. In reality, individualized therapies are devised for each and every resident with the help of an entire treatment team at Passages Malibu. The Prentiss’s believe that individuals get addicted to drugs or alcohol, either through self-abuse or self-medication. To prevent them from continuing similar behavior in the future, it is very important to make sure the actual cause which led them on this path is discovered and then resolved. For this, private therapies are devised accordingly to trace out the underlying issues. Many famous celebrities have also opted for their rehabilitation at Passages due to the amount of privacy they get.

Another factor that gives Passages Malibu an edge over other rehabs is its staff. You may not come across more cooperative team of individuals, who seem dedicated to provide for your every need around the clock. They do not treat you as if you are suffering from any disease. They let you be yourself and help you build your will power against the addiction. Is it not just the right way to keep you sober for a while? Even for longer as with Pax Prentiss himself, who has been practicing self-control since fifteen years now?

It must have something to do with the freedom you get to have at this rehab center. Though, these different strategies put it under controversies as well. As some rehabilitation professionals are against offering freedom to individuals who have already proved to have no control over their desires in the past.

Then, it is the new healing philosophy set forth by the Prentiss’s which brings Passages Malibu addiction treatment under discussion. The way they reject the 12-step based program, is also much debated. These controversial statements at one side and the luxuriant experience at the Malibu hills on the other. Many have left Passages with good views and even recovery.

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