by Passages Malibu

Resources are available and at your fingertips, an inpatient program is widely considered to be the best treatment plan for those who are addicted to marijuana.


What’s So Great About an Inpatient Program?

An inpatient program allows you to be monitored on a twenty four hour basis by qualified, experienced and friendly staff. You will receive the very best treatment on a daily basis and access to marijuana and other addictive substances will be impossible. You will also be able to meet fellow patients, hear their stories and support each other as you overcome your addictions together. Finally, you will be granted immediate access to emotional and psychological support whenever you need it.


Do I or Do I Not Need It?

This is not a decision you have to make alone. Your doctor will discuss all the options available to you and whether or not they will be appropriate for your needs. Residential care facilities can teach you alternative ways to combat stress and other side effects which you may not have considered before, so this may be something worth considering.


Should I Travel?

Should you feel that issues at home are contributing to your addiction; an inpatient program provides a relaxed and stress-free environment where you can carry out your program in peace. The downside is you may not see your family or loved ones regularly for the duration of your stay but it also means you will be free of any pressures from your home life.


Will My Privacy be Respected?

As with all forms of medical treatment, your program will be carried out in complete confidentiality and your team will not discuss any aspects of your treatment without your consent. From start to finish your identity will be protected.


How Long Does it Take?

The length of your treatment will depend on how long you have been addicted to marijuana and how severe your condition is. If you are a long-term user you should be prepared to spend quite a long time in rehab. However, you should remember that any amount of time is worthwhile if you are able to successfully beat your dependency.


How Do I Find the Right Rehab Center for Me?

First you must make sure your insurance covers the program you choose. If you don’t possess insurance you can always consider low-cost programs or payment plans so you don’t miss out. If your addiction has led you to develop a separate mental condition, make sure your program covers a ‘dual diagnosis’. Lastly, ensure the program will provide an extensive aftercare package that will cater for all your needs once you leave the facility.

Overcoming an addiction to marijuana is not an easy process. Fortunately there are numerous rehabilitation centers in existence that offer a wide range of inpatient programs tailored to your individual needs. Above all else, you need to feel you are ready to change your circumstances. No inpatient center will achieve that for you. Now is the time for you to take control and reclaim the life you have always deserved.